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Sing for Care 2020

A Retrospective Through The Years 

Sunday, November 1st at 3pm 

Present guidelines do not allow us to be physically together, but we could not allow this important event to lapse.  There will be music and laughter, and special performances and moments, as well as some stories and letters..

Check out the poster at right.

The video will be aired on our Youtube Channel and will remain available for a fulll week.(https://youtube.com/channel/UCv8uq1MN3B3qjuOVrIthFyA) . 

Donations may be made by e-transfer to info@lesms.ca

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for credit card donations use the button below.

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100% of the proceeds of the concert are in support of the Patient and Family Support Fund of the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation.  While there are a number of other fundraisers for the Foundation, this one specifically targets the providing of funds for those traveling away from home for treatment.  With such a large province, and centralized Cancer Treatment locations, it can mean a great deal of travel and cost for patients to receive the care they need.  The realities of the present pandemic have impacted care and costs.  It is important to provide some security at these insecure times.  We are grateful for all the support which has allowed us to raise over $166,000 through our past 17 concerts.  

   For further information please check our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LesMs 

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Thank you to The Telegram for always being there to support Sing for Care and Les Ms.  Great Coverage, as aways.  

Read the story HERE

Choirs & Covid-19

First Rehearsal.  We're back!

First Rehearsal. We're back!

Dr. Valerie Long did a couple of interviews in September, concerning the new guidelines for choral singing and orchestral music making. Here is the discussion with Heather Barrett and Grant Etchegary, from September 12th.

Clips from Belles, Blues and Boogie!

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